Shareholding Entrustment Agreement Sec

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In accordance with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, Part A and Part B approved the following conditions for the appointment of participations in the creation of Hong Kong Xibolun Technology Limited ("HK Xibolun" or "company"): on the basis of the principles of honest cooperation, equality, volunteerism and compensated services, Party A and Party B have , in accordance with the relevant national laws, concluded the following agreement through Part B and this agreement. WeBloc Asia Inc. (`company`) entrusts the user with personal data during the token Generation Events, as described below. An agreement on the processing of personal data is required to sing on the company`s website. The shelf life is in accordance with personal data protection laws and regulations. It refers to the announcement made by the Company on 28 December 2017 concerning, among other things, the termination of agreements related to certain asset restructurings; (ii) the framework agreement on the incorporation of the joint venture; and (iii) the acquisition of minority stakes in a subsidiary. Nanjing Xibai entered into a shareholder rights pact with our cpp trading companies and the shareholders concerned (the "shareholder rights agreement") on 30 December 2014 under which the shareholders irrevocably authorized Nanjing Xibai to exercise the rights of their shareholders over our contractual entities in the CPP, including participation in shareholder meetings and the exercise of voting rights and dividends. Nanjing Xibai has the right to exercise the rights of shareholders without consultation or obtaining the consent of the shareholders concerned. In addition, Nanjing Xibai has the right to allow others to exercise their shareholder rights within the scope approved by the shareholders concerned. The contracting parties jointly state that the delivery mission requires the processing of personal data and that each party will entrust the processing of certain personal data to the other party.

Accordingly, the parties agree to conclude this agreement by specifying their rights and obligations in the processing of personal data. Jiangxi Kenongwo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "company") is a corporation incorporated and in existence in accordance with the laws of the People`s Republic of China. By decision of the general meeting of shareholders, Part A decides that Part B becomes a shareholder of Party A and holds the shares in Part A, and Part C and Part D hold the above shares on behalf of Part B. On the principles of volunteerism, equality, fairness and good faith, Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D agreed to the following agreement: by the need for an annual review of the Chinese foreign capital enterprise and on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, Parties A and B agreed to the following conditions for the appointment of the holdings. : . . This fourth amendment and the Executive Agreement ("Fourth Amendment") will come into effect on March 22, 2018 by callaway Golf K.K., a company that organizes and exists under the laws of Japan (the "company") and Alex Boezeman ("director").