Service Level Agreement For Cleaning Services

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The core team and partner providers provide a number of low-cost, high-quality technical (audiovisual and IT) services, as well as associated customer support services in centralized classrooms. The aim is to support the teaching and learning of the university, as well as the improvement of the university experience. Credit cards. If you want to pay by credit card, a 3% cleaning fee will be charged at your cleaning fee. Aware of corporate pollution, ServiceMaster has developed advanced methods and environmentally friendly cleaning products for a safer working environment. Better for you, your employees and the environment. The issue should be raised with the head of the relevant department, who will consider the matter within two business days. If the issue is complex and it is not possible to resolve it completely within that time, an inter-school response will be given within two working days and the matter will finally be resolved within five working days. The service manager in question will also report the matter to the Facility Support Services Manager from the outset and inform them of its solution. Include our services; Cleaning office windows, cleaning carpets and maintaining hard floors, home services and of course everyday life when dusting and disinffiting your office furniture. PRICE CHANGE - The price of your recurring service is based on the time between cleanings. We offer the following recurring price categories: HIRING OF Lane Cleaning Company, LLC Collaborators - All of our employees have signed a non-compete agreement with Lane Cleaning Company, LLC. They are prohibited from obtaining transactions from clients in their own name or on behalf of third parties during their contract with Lane Cleaning Company, LLC or for 2 years after the termination of the contract, without the written authorization of Lane Cleaning Company, LLC and a possible intermediation tax of $2,500.00.

You agree to recruit former or current employees of Lane Cleaning Company, LLC for a period of at least 2 years from the date the employee last worked for Lane Cleaning Company, LLC. There is a lot of time and resources devoted to hiring and training our employees. In the event that you feel you must hire an employee of Lane Cleaning Company, LLC, an intermediation fee of $2,500.00 will be due immediately after the former employee/current employee is employed, whether it is a regular or contracted job. Reprogramming your cleaning can reduce the cost of your service, more or more than the last two of the last cleanup. It will be a long time for the holidays if the house is not occupied. QUALITY CONTROL: Our quality control is to carry out inspections and phone calls. A superior can enter your home during cleaning to ensure that standards are met. They can call you at home or at work.

We believe that inspections and customer contacts are the best way to exceed your expectations and improve our high standards.