Qccc Agreement

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18 Lay Off Coverage (f) Lay Off Coverage is granted by the plan to any member who, at the time of dismissal, is in the full plan and has completed at least 350 hours of pension. (g) Eligibility: a member receives one (1) monthly redundancy declaration for every 350 hours worked up to a maximum of six (6) months. If they are available for work done under this agreement. (h) If a member was in redundancy or self-payment insurance and returned to work for a undersigned employer, he may be eligible for full coverage after spending ninety hours (90) hours earned. (i) j) When a member who is the subject of the above redundancy guarantee works for a non-signatory employer while having such coverage, the member is required to reimburse the bonuses for the recovery plan for his dismissal before he can be reinstated by a undersigned employer. A detailed description of the coverage and merits of the NDT Industry Health- Welfare plan can be found in the policy brochure provided by the Plan Administrator (D. A. Townley - Associates). The QCCC will provide the administrator with a list of all signatory employers and the administrator will notify the QCCC of companies that are not included in the plan. The employer authorizes the plan administrator to submit a monthly copy of the monthly invoice to the QCCC, with the name and amount of each employee; report monthly to QCCC the list of workers covered by the plan (a) if it is shown that a worker has suffered an overdose of ionizing radiation and is not entitled to a work allowance, he is entitled to weekly compensation under this agreement, unless he is able to perform other tasks covered by the agreement. b) A worker who has had an overdose of ionizing radiation may claim weekly compensation until he or she receives compensation. Staff members who receive WCB benefits under this provision transfer these benefits to the life and wellness plan to reimburse all weekly benefits received under the health and wellness plan and are managed by four directors appointed by the NDT Management Association and four (4) directors appointed by the QCCC.