Like Some Agreements La Times Crossword

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@Joe. Probably. qil It was far from a crossword. But it`s a crossword, and the indication has a question mark at the end ("place for retirement?"), which is usually a broad indication that a play on words might be involved. "Cockamamy" (sometimes "cockamamy") is a colloquial term that means "ridiculous, incredible." The term dates back to at least 1946, but could have been born as an informal term used by New York children in the 1920s. I`m late for the party. I enjoyed the puzzle and enjoyed the summary very much. The comments here also made for an interesting read. I won`t be able to spend much time here for a few days, as I`m facing some delayed maintenance issues (it`s nice to pop the toolbox) and also to encounter the ski slopes (it`s even more beautiful - if I don`t think about the best way to handle maintenance issues). An "excursion" is a short trip of fun, although the word has described a tiring journey in the 1500s. At the time, we "yellowed" a horse, which meant that we got used to it by going back and forth. Well, I blew it out.

I thought a guitar had something called STReP. And when I filled saloons, it wasn`t corrected. FIW. Aaarrrggghhh!!!!! Gary, I guess DIAGRAMS are punishment lessons that need to be kept above their heads in case of disruption. As I didn`t know my oceans, I had Sinatra/RIHANNA and fishing after the sole, I saw the L and filled the halibut only for. I had a W/o to Homer, but I can`t ed it. George Scott called him "Taters." And Pore at the front peer at. After five Perps, SANAA looked vaguely familiar.

Not as hard as some YMMV Saturdays. Ah, "under the carpet/MAT". I was surprised. WC Where can I find The L.A. Times Crossword Puzzle? On the web, at The club sandwich is a two-story affair with three layers of bread and two layers of filling. This kind of sandwich has been around since the late 19th century, and some say it was invented at an exclusive gambling club in Saratoga Springs, New York. The game Scrabble has been around since 1938, the invention of an architect named Alfred Mosher Butts....