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The agreements concluded between higher education institutions and partner institutions under the Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA) and the Learning Agreement (LA) on certain language levels should therefore not be confused with the online test. Language skills must be guaranteed by other evidence (DAAD language certificate). Download the file:ERASMUS Roadmap summer semester 2021 Participants will receive the "regular" Erasmus+ monthly support set by the group of countries; In addition, packages may be granted each month (limited to the maximum rate of groups of EU countries): non-partner higher education institutions (Freemover) Deadlines for submitting applications are to be requested directly at the higher education institution concerned. The application is made directly to the foreign university. 4 Pos Component code (if applicable) Table A: Study abroad programme Component title (as indicated in the course directory) in the host institution Semester [autumn/spring] [or semester] Number of ECTS points, which must be awarded by the host institution after successful completion of component 1 BUTE334 Production technique autumn 5 2 BUTE338 Quality management autumn 6 3 BUTE341 Static autumn 2 4 BUTE378 Material resistance Autumn 2 5 BUTE512 Optimising Autumn Techniques 5 6 BUTE700 Hungarian Language and Culture Autumn 5 7 BUTE718 Business Development Autumn Total 30 Web Link to the host institution`s course directory: if study abroad is successfully completed, the educational elements of study abroad are recognised by the sending institution as follows: Table B. Component code (if any) Table B: Set of components to be replaced by the issuing institution Component securities (as indicated in the course directory) at the sending institution Semester [autumn/spring] [or semester] Number of ECTS points to be awarded by the sending institution after the successful conclusion of the component Comp. is replaced by Table A, pos. x or count or quality management teacher WS 5, No. 2 Small static &0.000. WS 5, pos. 3 Meij, pos. 4 Optional Module 5, No.

5 Optional Module 5, No. 6. Module 5, No. 7. Module 5 Pos. . . .