Hudaibiya Agreement Was Written By

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As you can see, the reports about the Hudaybiyyah event are not convergent. Despite the fact that some reports lead to the conclusion that the words "ibn `Abdillah" - which is an integral part of the Prophet`s signature - were written by the Prophet (SA), it is precisely these reports that confirm that it was extraordinary. Although the two sides agreed on the terms, the treaty is unquestionably favorable to the Quraish side. Nevertheless, the Prophet S.A.W. saw something that his companions did not see from the Treaty, an opportunity to strengthen initiatives to strengthen communities and nations in Medina. For Medina to prosper, ensuring peace on its border is indeed a strategic decision of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Acceptance and approval of the prophet s.a.w. despite their imbalances, peace should be assured and not be involved in incessant conflicts and wars. Three things flow from the content of the treaty, from which the Prophet Medina and, ultimately, Islam could benefit with regard to community education: 1) Freedom of religion has been respected, which has not been practiced in Mecca At first, it is stipulated in the Treaty that the people of Mecca can declare their faith as Muslims and therefore practice Islam.

Permission to leave Mecca is only necessary if they intend to join Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his companions to live in Medina. Freedom of religion is an important element in building communities. In his book on international relations, Abu Zahrah mentioned nine principles essential to maintaining and facilitating good human relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. One of them is freedom of religion, as the Qur`an says: in "Tarikh al-Tabari" and "Kamil Ibn al-Athir" and Al-Buchari`s report under the chapter "Al-Shurut", the second word was written by the Prophet himself. It is written that "the Prophet (SA) took the pen from Ali`s hand and wrote himself." In the statements of Al-Tabaris and Ibn al-Athir, there is an additional sentence: "The messenger of Allah took the pen from Allen`s hand and although it was not good for him to write," he wrote. After writing in "Muslim Sahih", "Ali refused to erase the words", muslim writes: Al-Tabaris and Ibn al-Athirs reports confirm that the Prophet (SA) would not write, but that he wrote exceptionally in Hudaybiyyah...