A Good Foundation for GCSE Foundation Maths

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Sometimes students who are studying for foundation Maths still have problems with their times tables and basic arithmetic. Often their hearts sink when I suggest that they need to put time into doing things that they feel they should have left behind long ago herunterladen.

Nevertheless, a solid grasp of these most basic topics is at the heart of everything else in Maths. Instant knowledge of the times tables and especially confidence with fractions and how to cross cancel will lead to fast progress with algebra and less basic errors while working through problems weihnachtslieder instrumental download kostenlos.

Once a student understands the basic methods to solve the different types of problem, the only way to gain mastery is by repeated practice. I will give these students a different worksheet full of arithmetic problems to work on each week until they can do them without any stress or worry lied herunterladen iphone.

Below you will find links to some of my sample worksheets and their answer sheets. The last two are more challenging than the first two because they use mixed numbers in the fraction problems outlook bilder nicht herunterladen. I hope you find them useful. If you want to make up alternative problems of a similar level of difficulty, one good way to do this is to buy some 10 sided dice and then roll them to generate random numbers that can be used to make up questions whatsapp media niet automatischen.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 1 Answers

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 2 Answers

Harder Worksheet 1

Harder Worksheet 1 Answers

Harder Worksheet 2

Harder Worksheet 2 Answers