Hi! I’m Mike and I’m here to help build your confidence and improve your skills in maths and physics. No matter what your level is now, my aim is to help you develop a clear understanding of the abstract concepts that you are struggling with so that you can apply them with confidence. Often something that looks hard in a book can be understood much easier when phrased in terms of concepts that are already familiar to you.

Once you have a clear grasp of the concepts, I can help motivate you to put them into practice and gradually build up your experience solving real problems until you feel completely confident using them (or at least confident enough to achieve your goals!).

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I am based on Dyke Road, close to the Preston Park, Hove Park and Withdean Park areas of Brighton and Hove.

Please note I am fully DBS (used to be CRB) checked.

GCSE Formulae To Remember

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So we are almost at exam season now, and a common thing that I have been seeing in my students relates to remembering certain formulae. If I ask someone to give me the... READ MORE